Trade Mark: Moscati

General Manager: KhalilAboQuader

Contact Person: Khalil AboQuader

Short Description: Moscati company is one of the outstanding Palestinian companies in the footwear industry for women’s shoes of various kinds and sizes. Moscati produces a wide variety of products that includes formal, sports shoes, boots and sandals. Having Moscati this specialization gives the ability to master the work and improve the quality of products.

Moscati is unique by using the best types of local and importednatural and artificial leathers and raw materials in producing shoes. Moscati consistently seeks to improve and developproduct quality and attractivenessofshoes designs to compete in the marketplace, and to gain customers and consumer satisfaction.

Moscati relies on its long history in the industry, where the roots of Moscati date back to the early sixties of the last century. This experience helps to develop and rehabilitate staff to approve the highest international standards and specifications in production.


Moscati history goes back to the early 60s when Abdelhamed Rashid Abo Quaderwas a worker in the footwear industry, in 1964Moscatistarted producing all categories of shoes, in 1972 a shop was opened until 1977, then they continued producing shoes and registered the name Moscati in 1994, in 2010 the sons Khalil and his brothers took over the work, and expanded their trading region.

Vision & Mission:

To reach international markets.

Experience: Specialize in Women’s Leather Shoes.

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